The 3rd BRICS Postgraduate Forum 2024 will be in Brazil!

From June 24 to July 5, 2024, the Institute of Economics at the University of Campinas will host the 5th Unicamp International School on Development Challenges, the IV BRICS Network University International School and the 3rd BRICS Postgraduate Forum.

This year, these events will occur simultaneously, under the umbrella of the São Paulo Advanced School on Technology & Innovation Strategies and Policies for Economic Development, jointly organized with the InSySPo, Department of Science and Technology, Unicamp.

Please find all details and the application form on the website of the event:

Looking forward to meeting you in Campinas, Brazil!

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The 2nd BRICS Postgraduate Forum 2023

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Best Paper Awards Overall BRICS 2nd Postgraduate Forum Winners

Category: PhD

1st Prize: Mauricio Maynard do Lago (Brazil)

Affiliation: COPPE Production Engineering Program, UFRJ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  and  Cefet-RJ – Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Title: Sustainable Management Strategies for Private Higher Education Institutions during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Brazilian Case.

Theme: Entrepreneurship and Development in Sharing Knowledge and Innovation.

2nd Prize: Lolwethu Luthuli (South Africa)

Affiliation: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.

Title: Towards Minibus Taxi Making Use of Payment Convenience Application.

Theme: Climate Emergency and Challenges for BRICS Countries.

3rd Prize: Raval Prachi Umeshkumar (India)

Affiliation: Central University of Gujarat, India.

Title: Green Ship recycling and Wastenomics: A Step Towards Sustainable Development.

Theme: Climate Emergency and Challenges for BRICS Countries.

Category: Master

1st Prize: Xin Sihan (China)

Affiliation: Jilin University, China.

Title: BRICS Countries' Participation in Global Climate Governance.

Theme: Climate Emergency and Challenges for BRICS Countries.

2nd Prize: Michelle Cindy Mopp (South Africa)

Affiliation: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.

Title: School Governance and the appointment to promotion posts in South Africa.

Theme: Political and Economic Governance.

3rd Prize: Maria Dobychina (Russia)

Affiliation: St.Petersburg State University, Russia.

Title: Cost Analysis of Operation Theatre Services.

Theme: Political and Economic Governance.

Best Paper Awards: Entrepreneurship and Development in Sharing Knowledge and Innovation

Category: PhD

1st Prize: Otto Tavares Nascimento (Brazil)

Affiliation: COPPE/UFRJ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Title: An Innovative Artificial Intelligence Approach For Fighting Against Tuberculosis.

2nd Prize: Natile Nonhlanhla Cele (South Africa)

Affiliation: Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

Title: The Impact of Cybersecurity Threats and Risks on Digital Banking Adoption in South Africa: A Systematic Literature Review.

3rd Prize: Zhenling Liu (China)

Affiliation: Peking University, China.

Title: Promoting Digital Literacy Education for Adolescents: Strategic Recommendations for Enterprises in Fostering Innovation and Social Responsibility.

Category: Master

1st Prize: Evelina Ramilevna Zigangirova (Russia)

Affiliation: St.Petersburg State University, Russia.

Title: Implementation of the Import Substitution Policy in the BRICS Countries.

2nd Prize: Arthur Chagas Dos Santos (Brazil)

Affiliation: Escola Superior de Guerra, Brazil.

Title: Strategic Development Opportunities through BRICS Innovation Cooperation Action Plans: Innovative Exchange as a Path to Integration.

3rd Prize: Pashnee Naicker (South Africa)

Affiliation: Cape Pennisula University of Technology, South Africa.

Title: A “People-Centred Approach” to Realising Healthcare by Facilitating, Patient Participation in Health Attainment.

Best Paper Awards: New Development Bank (NDB): A Catalyst for the BRICS Economic Growth and Development

Category: PhD

1st Prize: Tareq Yacoub Helou (Brazil)

Affiliation: University of São Paulo, Brazil

Title: Navigating a complex regime: The BRICS and the NDB in Multilateral Development Finance.

2nd Prize: Xiaochen Hou (China)

Affiliation: Fudan University, China.

Title: The Role of the National Development Banks.

3rd Prize: Mixo Sithole (South Africa)

Affiliation: University of South Africa, South Africa.

Title: The Role of the New Development Bank on Economic Growth and Development of BRICS States.

Category: Master

1st Prize: Sandeep Singh (India)

Affiliation: Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

Title: The New Development Bank in the New World Order.

2nd Prize: Raquel Conceição Santos (Brazil)

Affiliation: Institute of International Relations of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (IRI PUC-Rio), Brazil.

Title: "I won't say I have never thought”: BRICS Counter-Hegemonic Discourse as Cohesive Tool for Global South Attraction – The Case of De-Dollarization.

Best Paper Awards: BRICS People-to-People Exchange and Cultural Integration through Tourism and Air Transport

Category: PhD

1st Prize: Simphiwe Emmanuel Dube, (South Africa)

Affiliation: Nelson Mandela University, South Africa.

Title: The Socio-Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Greater Durban Hospitality Accommodation Industry.

2nd Prize: Garikayi Emmanuel Gondo, (South Africa)

Affiliation: University of South Africa, South Africa.

Title: Using the BRICS People-To-People Exchange and Cultural Indigenous Management to Extract Value from the Big Data Environment.

3rd Prize: Anita Poonia (India)

Affiliation: University of Kota, India.

Title: Medical Tourism and the Emergence of BRICS as Global Healthcare Hubs: A Document Analysis Approach.

Category: Master

1st Prize: Sandhya Nankoo Van Wyk (South Africa)

Affiliation: St.Petersburg State University, Russia.

Title: Nurse Staff Shortages: What effect does it have on the existing Nurse Workforce.

2nd Prize: Bruno Garcia (Brazil)

Affiliation: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, Brazil.

Title: The structuring of the Global Air South Belt as a means of intensifying International Tourism activities among the BRICS nations to enhance Economic Growth.

Best Paper Awards: Climate Emergency and Challenges for BRICS Countries

Category: PhD

1st Prize: Bramley Jemain Lemine (South Africa)

Affiliation: Cape Peninsula University of Technology and University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Title: Wetlands in South Africa.

2nd Prize: Ksenia Voronina (Russia)

Affiliation: Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Russia.

Title: Development of BRICS Energy.

3rd Prize: Henrique Rabello de Carvalho (Brazil)

Affiliation: Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Title: BRICS Global Health and Climate.

Category: Master

1st Prize: Svetlana Sobenina (Russia)

Affiliation: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia.

Title: Prioritizing Sustainable Growth: A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Climate Challenges within BRICS.

2nd Prize: Caroline Boletta De Oliveira (Brazil)

Affiliation: Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), Brazil.

Title: How Big is the Climate Ambition of the BRICS Countries?

3rd Prize: Mmabatho Mongae, (South Africa)

Affiliation: University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Title: Effect of varying combinations on Fly Ash and Slag on the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Acid Mine Drainage Water.

Best Paper Awards: Political and Economic Governance

Category: PhD

1st Prize: Milica Cvetinović (Serbia)

Affiliation: Metropolitan University Belgrade, Serbia.

Title: The Importance of Achieving Technological Sovereignty as a Key Component of National Security in the Conditions of the Creation of a Multipolar World.

2nd Prize:

Ekaterina Andrianova (Russia)

Affiliation: St.Petersburg State University, Russia.

Title: Influence of Digital Trade Regulations on International Technology Transfer: BRICS case.

Esley Rodrigues de Jesus Teixeira (Brazil)

Affiliation: Army Command and Staff College, Brazil.

Title: BRICS Joint Naval Policy.

3rd Prize: Wang Yubo (Russia)

Affiliation: St. Petersburg State University, Russia

Title: China's Investment in Russia's Soybean Sector: Political, Economic Factors and Investment Prospects.

Category: Master

1st Prize: Ingrid Daniely Vale Dos Santos (Brazil)

Affiliation: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Title: Combating Drug Trafficking: The Foreign Policy Of The Lula Da Silva Government (2003-2010).

2nd Prize: Sanele Moshoetsi (South Africa)

Affiliation: Walter Sisulu University, South Africa.

Title:  BRICS at the Crossroads of Political and Governance Challenges –Policy Review.

3rd Prize: Thatyane Alecrim Azeredo (Brazil)

Affiliation: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Title: Is It Possible To Assess The Existence Of Full Land Regularization In Brazil?


The 1st BRICS Postgraduate Forum 2022

Download PDF Program

Campinas Brazil, 26-27 September 2022

The 1st BRICS Postgraduate Forum, held between 26-27 of September 2022, was hosted by the University of Campinas, Brazil. The venue chosen was located in the university itself. A large number of online participants also joined the conference, due to covid-19 related travel restrictions. The topics covered during the conference were as follows: The Dynamism of Climate Change, Entrepreneurship, Local Development and NDB Financing in The BRICS States During and After Covid-19.

Best Paper Awards Overall BRICS 1st Postgraduate Forum Winners

Category: PhD

1st Winner

Authors: Nkululeko Ephraim Zondi, Zikho Qwatekana & Simphiwe Emanuel Dube  

Title: Modernisation of rural communities: Solid waste management implications

2nd Runner-up

Author: Fiona Langry

Title: Socio-Economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the South African informal economy

Author: Robin Gengan 

Title: Innovative entrepreneurship through creative outputs for emerging filmmakers in South Africa: A conceptual framework


Authors: Paballo Patience Ntobaki, Makhosazande Buthulezi 

Title: The   effect   of   social   media   brand   engagement on South Africa consumers purchasing intentions


Author: Gabriel Dourado Rocha 

Title: A  new  stage  of  globalization:  BRICS  and  the  challenge  of creating a  fair international legal order


Authors: Aifani Confidence Tahulela, Emem Anwana & Shervin Hashemi 

Title: A review of the applicability of Geographic Information System (GIS) for sustainable solid waste management practices in BRICS   Nations.

3rd Runner-up

Authors: Julia  Paletta, Silvia Pantoja, Fernanda  França, Luis  Felipe Sivolella, Otávio  Grassi  Gonçalves and Juliano de Abreu

Title: Assessment of  Brazil's  potential  in  the  energy  transition


Authors: Augusto Santos

Title: Indian-Brazilian foreign news coverage: towards discursive integration?


Authors: Yan Dong, Xiaoqi Yang, Xu Ji

Titles: Does Oil Price Affect China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment?


Authors: Ram Sunder Kumar, Garima Rai, Sanjay Pandey

Titles: Analysis  of  Challenges  Faced  by  India  amid  Russia-Ukraine  War


Authors: Wang Jing   

Title: India's  Energy  Transition  Strategy  and Sino-India  Energy  cooperation

Category: Master

1st Winners

Authors: Oshea Roopnarian, Professor Shalini Singh & R Rathilall

Title: The   convergence  of  quality  and  digitalisation  in   a   changing  world

Author: Rafaela Mello Rodrigues

Title: How does the New Development Bank contribute to the energy transition of the BRICS countries? - 

2nd Runner-up

Authors: Zamaswazi Cele, Ndivhuho Tshikovhi

Title: The impact of COVID-19 on the informal sector in South Africa; a review

Authors: Nomaswazi Dlamini

Title: The hegemonic role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in South Africa’s economic development

3rd Runner-up

Author: Gabriel Fontoura Motta

Title: Dramaturgical  pitch  - the  mediation  of  a  pedagogical  creative  process  for  an educational business round

Author: Renan Augusto Ramos

Title: Diverse economies and the relevance of alternative economic spaces in a Brazilian city: readings from the notion of the creative and popular economy 

 Authors: João Pedro Braga & Bruno De Conti

Title: Five case studies on the NDB as  a mission-oriented institution  to finance the BRICS’  ecological  transitions  via  its  sustainable infrastructure  projects

 Author: Chang Shuaibing

Title: The  Current Situation and Problems of UN Food Security Governance and its Enlightenment to China

 Author: Daniel Hakuzweyezu

Title: The mutual benefits FDI opportunities between Africa & BRICS; infrastructure development; imperialism in flux