Capacity Development Fellow

What is a Capacity Development Fellowship (CDF)?

It is a programme within the BRICS Research Institute that focuses on capacitating Masters and PhD students within BRICS member countries and beyond. These students are mentored by members of the Communities of Practice who are experts in various research focus areas. The Durban University of Technology and BRICS Research Institute Capacity Development Fellows is housed by the Faculty of Management Sciences at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa.

What is expected from a CDF?

Capacity development participation means, you should start preparing a research paper under the guidance of your mentor in your chosen field aligned to the project themes; you shall present a paper for instance at "The 2nd BRICS Postgraduate Forum 2023" (August 2023) in Cape Town, South Africa; you shall prepare your paper/s for publication in a high-impact DHET-accredited journal (South Africa) or Scopus; you should establish strong networks with fellow CDFs and BRICS senior scholar from other BRICS nations (we will plan activities to encourage peer-to-peer co-authorship for all CDFs); and you should access cross-BRICS data for comparative analysis in your research. Last you should be able to attend and participate in meetings, group discussions, online workshops and other sessions to enhance our knowledge.

After completing the application form what’s next?

If your area of study is aligned to any of the BRICS Research Institute focus areas, you will be allocated a mentor from the Community of Practice that is aligned to your area of study.
- You will get an acceptance letter.
- Be added to the CDFs whatsapp group and BRICS CDFs email group.
- You will start receiving communique, updates and invitations to all BRICS Research Forum events where CDFs are expected to attend.

Here are some examples of our talented colleagues!
South Africa